updated on matched betting and other money makers

Previously I told you about my matched betting journey and how I was using matched betting services like Profit Accumulator to make a load of cash every month. I just wanted to update you on how that is going.

In 2017 I have made £6,346 of pure profit. That’s around £800 a month! I couldn’t be happier with this and it puts me on course to make £10,000 or more this year. Not a bad pay rise for anyone.

So why aren’t you a member yet? There are many great services out there to make money from this. You can read a great review of oddsmonkey here, they are a fantastic service which I fully recommend you sign up for if you are at all interested in matched betting!

Now that the Premier League is back under way there are absolutely loads of offers out there to profit from. A lot of bookies are offering a 2 clear bet where you get extra money paid as winnings if your horse wins by 2 lengths, I have been making a small fortune from this. Because I am laying my bets off I make a risk free profit if the horse goes 2 clear!

That’s the great thing about matched betting. You can’t lose, it’s risk free. If done properly your profits will only go up day by day.

Some of the best bookmakers to look at are william hill, paddy power, bet365 and Stan James. These bookies are great for making a load of cash.

Check out the video below. It gives you a run down story that is very similar to my own.

Darlington accountancy for new start ups

Some of the greatest businesses in history would have been nothing without the financial advice of an accountancy expert. Darlington accountants are the newest and most interesting source of this expertise in the UK. Using the correct type of financial advice is mandatory from a business point of view. If you want to succeed your finances must be in order. My Darlington based business learned this the hard way.

I set up a new business and before I new it I was making really good money. I didn’t give a though to my tax situation. It caught up with me and I got a huge fine that nearly wiped out my business. I also had to appear in court which damaged the reputation of my company massively. Since then I have slowly rebuilt and worked towards getting old customers back but this all could have been avoided if I had invested in a financial expert from the get go.

These days I don’t mess with the future of my company and my employees futures. I leave all the complicated finances to an expert from accountants north east.

Making money is fun but having to pay a huge fine to the tax man was not and it cost me more than money. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Get an expert.

Spray paints for wood – black, white, ral and pantone

Doing up furniture is now one of the biggest and most popular hobbies in the UK. The desire for a ‘shabby chic’ look has turned people into semi professional furniture gurus. Many people are painting their wooden furniture in their own homes using their own paints.

Spray paints for wood are becoming really popular and here at SomeGadgets we are going to look at why all of a sudden people are turning to aerosols and discuss the positives and negatives.


Easy to usespraypaint_1

They are VERY easy to use and quick too. It is far easier to spray something than it is to use a paint brush.

Clean Finish

The coverage is absolutely even and clean if done correctly. It looks professional and as if it has been done in a factory. No brush strokes.

Adjustable nozzles.

The best ones come with an adjustable nozzle so you can alter the coverage and rate of spray.

Range of colours

The variety of colours is unbelievable, you can literally get any colour you want. RAL, pantone and british standards are industry standard colours and used nationwide. White spray paint for wood is very popular for furniture.


Can be pricey

You need a mask

A mask is a must, the fumes are really bad for you.

spray_cansSo one day the tin and brush may be consigned to museums as we all move into the modern age. The speed and ease of use is can’t be beaten plus the finish is second to none. The price of aerosol paints is coming down all the time and they are no longer considered only for heav
y industry. The average home user can benefit from them and we recommend you give them a try if you are into shabby chic’ing furniture or other projects.

The must have gambling gadget! Oddsmonkey

If you are into gambling then you really need to see this. There is some new software from Oddsmonkey that is going to blow your mind. Basically it will automatically find each way arb bets and tell you how to place them to make a guaranteed profit no matter the result of the race.

We have been trialing this for the last few weeks and we are blown away at how easy this is. We are making around 5 quid per race. Doing this 10 times a day is a decent little way to spend an hour.

The thrill of the race is still there but you always win. We are so excited about the potential of this software and website.

They have other software on the site too for accumulator bets.  A lot of bookies will offer a refund if you get one losing leg on a 5 fold acca. The software tells you what to bet so you always make a profit. The money varies depending on results but it’s always a win.

So far the team at oddsmonkey have blown us away with their customer service to support these products. Not that they need to as there are so many helpful members on the forum that it almost makes them redundant. However if you have a question or query they are really quick to respond.

The best thing is all this software and support is only 15 pounds a month! That is phenomenal value as you could make 50 quid a day without much effort using their website.

ALl this works from your iphone too so you can make money on the go. The list of things to bet on is endless so you will never be short of something to have a go at.

We can’t recommend this highly enough, it can be complicated at first but the user guides make it a breeze even for none bettors. You can find out more by contacting them here http://oddsmonkey.net/contact/